Mumia has become renowned in many media circuits, even though mainstream corporate media have subjected him to caricature or silencing.

Nevertheless, Mumia’s journalistic skills and our movement organizing have kept this “voice of the voiceless” accessible and widely known, especially in international circles. EMAJ commits to foregrounding Mumia’s drive for freedom and change in many ways, not only through our media ads in Philadelphia, New York (recall our year 2000 full page ad in The New York Times), and elsewhere, but also via press conferences, academic conferences, marches and rallies.

EMAJ recognizes that in some quarters there are tendencies to isolate and make of Mumia an icon, just a “cool guy” mentioned in the Boondocks cartoon strip, Hip Hop magazines, rock concerts, and in various films. We need to foreground the many who are in positions like Mumia.

But this is no warrant for making Mumia any less visible in the media. Indeed, the lifting of Mumia’s struggle to the level of a media spectacle can be an advantage to the abolitionist movements against the death penalty, U.S. mass incarceration, police violence and corrupt racist power at every level.

Remember, one of the reasons political officials of the establishment are so keenly opposed to Mumia is precisely because he has this capacity to ignite media attention on these issues, nationally and internationally. We should welcome this and use it.

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