In addition to “Long Distance Revolutionary – The Journey of Mumia Abu-Jamal,” and “Justice on Trial – both featured on this site’s home page – other films have appeared. Trailers and notes on these can be found below.

First, just out is Let the Fire Burn – A Documentary by Zeitgeist Films,  winner of a Tribeca Film Festival award in 2013. It provides essential background material to the era of Mumia’s journalistic work and activism around the time of his arrest. Even though Mumia was on death row in 1985 during the MOVE bombing, in the years before and during escalating harassment of MOVE by authorities, Mumia was one of the only reporters in the Philadelphia media to report on MOVE’s grievances.


A Case for Reasonable Doubt.

For purchase and viewing online, click here.

 In Prison My Whole Life.


Below is a different kind of film, one sponsored by the Fraternal Order of Police and others committed to Mumia’s execution and now, life in prison. The film’s basic premise was that Mumia was simply caught up in the movement of the Black Panthers, “filled with hate” and wanted to “kill a cop.” It was produced and directed by Tigre Hill, and entitled,

 The Barrel of a Gun

The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, on November 8, 2010, sponsored a debate between producer Tigre Hill (backed by the Philadelphia D.A., who was also present) and the producer/director of Justice on Trial, EMAJ coordinator and American History professor, Dr. Johanna Fernandez. That debate can be viewed here in full: (Preview). Watch both of these directors’ films, and then watch the debate between them. Lead discussions on the debate with your classes.

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